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Venue Location and Date
Registration is Thursday February 8th
Event takes place Friday, Saturday, and Sunday (February 9th-11th)
Closed Door Mastermind with Dan takes place Sunday Night February 11th

The Westin Tampa Waterside Hotel
725 South Harbour Island Blvd
Tampa, Florida 33602
Ryan Stewman
"How to Close More Clients & Grow Your Tribe"
Ryan Stewman, CEO and Founder of Hardcore Closer and Break Free Academy, is a 5x best-selling Author, Motivational Speaker, Sales Coach, Podcast Host, Blogger and all around Entrepreneur. He’s also a regular contributor to Forbes, Entrepreneur, Addicted2Success, Good Men Project, Lighter Side of Real Estate, Huffington Post, and more.

Alex Becker
How We Scaled to 8 Figures for SasS and Digital Products through Youtube and Facebook Ads.
Alex Becker is a tech entrepreneur responsible for successful online SaaS softwares that generate millions a year. He got his start with his first brand “Source Wave” which he transformed from a small one man business into one of the largest developers of SEO software in the nation.

He has now set his sights on revamping the way businesses do email with his latest platform Market Hero. Becker also specializes in driving traffic and managing the advertising/marketing for SaaS platforms to strategically grow revenue year after year.
Molly Marie Keyser
"How to Get 75% Webinar Show Up Rates Using Chatbots "
A college dropout with 50k in debt, Molly Keyser started her first business, a photography studio, at age 19. After growing her studio to be in the top 2% nationwide, photographers were asking her how she did. 

She decided to share her knowledge through ebooks & online courses which also led to her love of online education. Her most recent endeavor, Venture Shorts, helps creative entrepreneurs profitably share their knowledge through digital products and online courses.
Arne Giske
"How to Build an Audience Rapidly to Scale Your Influence and Income"
Arne helps entrepreneurs create raving communities around their brands that grow on autopilot and bring in targeted leads, customers, and clients through the power of FB groups & organic marketing methods.

He built a highly engaged FB group to over 30,000 members in 14 months without paying for ads or adding people without their permission, and figured out how to make this growth process replicable for hundreds of students in his program. Arne travels the world while building his business and has visited 10 countries, 8 states, and 3 continents in 2017!
Jeanna Pool
Offline Client Acquisition Strategies: How I Signed 26 New Clients in Less Than 48 Hours and You Can Too!
Jeanna Pool is an Amazon #1 bestselling author and has been called “one of the world’s foremost experts on marketing a one person business successfully.”  She works with clients all around the USA, Canada, Europe, Australia and around the world.

Before striking out on her own, some of the companies Jeanna did work for include: Apple, Motorola, Eli Lilly, Sun Microsystems, Coopers & Lybrand, Up With People, YoungLife, University of Wyoming, Texas A&M University, Pulte Homes and Benjamin Moore Paints. 

Jeanna owns and operates Marketing for Solos® which is her own, highly successful, award-winning, marketing and design firm. She specializes in helping solo small business owners market their services successfully and attract clients consistently.
Cody Neer
"7 Keys to Building a 7-Figure Shopify Store"
Cody, Founder and CEO of Bucks of America and Bucks Brand Academy, is a Shopify Partner and E-Commerce entrepreneur whose stores have generated millions in revenue through direct response marketing on Facebook. After a Professional Baseball career, Cody started his first company "Zoom By Phone", a predecessor to the remote mobile deposit technology utilized in 2009 by USAA. Cody then launched Facebook's Power Editor Platform with Fortune 50 retailer Target Corporation in 2014. Most recently, Cody has been focusing on building businesses through Shopify with Drop-Shipping and Print on Demand services. 
Jeff J Hunter
“How to Use Linkedin to Get Retainer Clients on Autopilot With VA’s”
Fortune Global Top 500 Project Manager turned Outsourcing Tycoon, Jeff has a special talent of building virtual teams to support successful entrepreneurs worldwide. He has helped scale million dollar startups to billion dollar enterprises, and has helped hundreds of entrepreneurs grow their businesses virtually.
“How I Became Dan Henry’s #1 Affiliate
At just 18 years of age, JR started his first Brick and Mortar business. He quickly grew it to 53 employees by age 21, and these days JR has become a Digital Marketing Maestro as well as Dan Henry’s top affiliate. 

But it wasn’t always this way. JR was born dirt poor, which inspired him to be an entrepreneur from a young age.
“How I Got 2,500 Webinar Registrations in 48 Hours Using Free Instagram Traffic”
Born and raised in a poor third world country, Dominican Republic. While graduating from Electromechanical Engineer and Masters degree, he saw an opportunity in social media to break the norm in a country where there is very little progress. After 4 years of trying to do things my way and failing completely, he decided to take a more “engineer, analytical & replica table” approach to social media and everything clicked and it was his “AHA” moment.

He developed a simple 4 step process to have Instagram (or any social media) blow up. Since then he has grown to over 4 million followers, in multiple accounts, across multiple niches (because his process works no matter the industry or niche) in a little over a year and has generated multiple 6 figures, been featured & interviewed for different magazines, podcast, promoted by Grant Cardone & his team, has been in their TV show twice, met & worked promoting celebrities (like Ronaldinho, Neyo, etc) and big time entrepreneurs, and all by coming from an “underdog” poor third world country where english is not even its first language.

“How I Used a 5 Day Challenge Chat Bot to Bring in Over 1000 Leads and $18,545 in Sales For
My Agency”
Mackensie Liberman is a clinically certified Cytogeneticist by trade who loves science, math, statistics, and tech. With her outgoing nature and after a number of years of chromosome analysis, Mackensie decided she didn’t want to be stuck in a lab much longer.

Six months after starting her digital agency after taking Dan Henry’s Funnels And Ads For Entrepreneurs course in 2016, Mackensie dove into the world of Messenger Bots and hasn’t looked back!

Deemed the “Queen of Messenger Bots” by many, she has risen to be one of the top experts in Messenger Marketing, including becoming a moderator of the ManyChat Facebook group, growing her own
Marketing with Messenger Bots Facebook group to over 4000 and launching her Marketing with Messenger Bots Course.
“Everything that worked (and didn’t) to build a $9.2 million Amazon business.”
Chris Keef is a ‘recovering employee’. After too long grinding in the corporate game he decided in 2013 to finally stop watching the game and start playing. He burned the ships and launched headlong in to e-commerce. 

In the five years since going out on his own he has built and sold a $2 million Amazon business, partnered and built another $9.2 million Amazon business, created a recurring monthly membership of 1,200 raving fans and most recently launched an Internet Marketing course that did just over $10 million in fourteen days.

Todd Snively has been a serial entrepreneur his entire adult life building one business after the other until he lost everything in February, 2002 through a perfect storm of stupidity and arrogance. Turning to eBay to liquidate his remaining personal property an epiphany caused Todd begin searching for customer returned goods to sell online for profit in an attempt to avoid becoming homeless.  

The next 11 months yielded $1.1 million in revenue and Todd was hooked on eCommerce, growing his business, expanding into other markets and other online income streams prior to finding Amazon in 2009. Between his core ecommerce business and the fees he earns for consulting, Todd is a true 8 figure entrepreneur.
Dan Henry
“Millionaire Fast Track”
Dan went from broke to 2 million with no existing audience, no list, no influencers, just dead COLD ads! 

2 Comma Club winner, Top 3 Click Funnels Affiliate, and 7 Figure Webinar creator... and the man putting on AdCON!
Dan Henry
“Facebook Retargeting Masterclass”
How to set up Evergreen Re-Targeting with Massive ROI.

The most important part of Facebook Ads is re targeting. This cannot be overstated enough.

In this presentation, Dan will share how to use simple retargeting campaigns to get 20X, 30X, or even 50X ROI.
PLUS, Tons of Bonus Segments!
“Hunting the Close”
How We Tripled Our Sales Rate for for Agency Clients, High Ticket Coaching, and Events!
“Instant Action Profits”
How I Generated $20,000 in sales for a product that didn’t exist 
20 minutes prior!
“Rapid Fire Webinar Workshop”
Watch Dan Create Attendee Webinars Live on Stage!
Dan Henry
“Fearless Delivery”
How to Always Deliver for High-Ticket Coaching, Consulting or Done-for/with-You Clients, Even if You are Scurrred!

One of the worst feelings in the world is to land a high ticket client and not deliver. Most people freeze in fear and never take that next step not because they can’t sell high ticket, but because they are AFRAID to actually land one!

Dan will show you a proven method to always DELIVER for your high ticket coaching, consulting, done for you, or done with you clients!

More Segments Announced Soon!
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